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Jordan Schlosser

Hello, I’m Jordan Schlosser at Cannabinoid Water.

Jordan Schlosser

Jordan Schlosser

Founder & CEO

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Utilizing the tools and insights gained through his studies during his tenure at the Schmidt College of Biomedical Sciences at the University Scholars Honor College at Florida Atlantic University, Jordan became an important contributor to the Florida medical marijuana initiative. He founded the Wynwood Extract Company, a premier extraction consulting firm in South Florida, servicing clients interested in developing cannabis infused products for the medical market. As a cofounder of the Meet The Experts cannabis investment seminars, he has also spoken extensively on the topics of extraction and cannabinoid isolation. During this time Jordan founded Square Grouper Distribution, a company acquired by Grow Solutions, Inc., which provides supplies necessary to the day-to-day operation of all medical cannabis dispensaries servicing over 250 cannabis dispensaries. Jordan has brought to market 17 products licensed and sold in the medical marijuana space that includes topical compounds, oral/ sublingual compounds and inhaled compounds. Mr Schlosser has consulted for highly regulated medical cannabis companies in Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon, Michigan and Florida. Jordan is the founder and currently serves as the CEO of Cannabinoid Water LLC

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